iPad/iPhone camera remote controls review


That is the actual size of the Kootek! (above)


I compare the cheap Kootek and the pricey Muku Shuttr iPad/iPhone remote controls!

I bought the Muku Shuttr first…later I bought the Kootek…so I can actually give you a hands-on comparison review.

The Kootek took 18 days to arrive, China to Minnesota. The Shuttr came in 2 or 3 days.

Kootek varies in price from $5.22 to $8.99, shipping included. The Shuttr goes for $28 to $39, shipping included. I paid $39 for my Shuttr in May and $5.22 for my Kootek in August. It was all dumb luck (good or bad). I haven't found any way to predict when prices will rise or fall at Amazon. I'm not going to putz around when I need something like these remotes.

And I just ordered a "Portta PETCB Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release Self Timer for iPhone 5 Blue Color" and as soon as I get it, I'll add my oh so scientific findings here.

I wound up returning the Shuttr. $40 makes a difference to me. I'll explain more in my YouTube video (when I get it edited and uploaded!). Meanwhile the short story is the Shuttr was unreliable. It worked sometimes and it didn't work sometimes. That's a bother with individual photos, but with videos it meant I was sometimes turning it off when I thought I was turning it on and visa versa. And when I'm making a YouTube video I can't count on having a redo.

So far the Kootek has worked every time I've used it. Not every Kootek review at Amazon says that, but this is my experience. And by the way, if you are kind enough to click on one of my links to Amazon, I get a little comission (but you pay the same price no matter what) so it would be better for me if you bought more expensive stuff. So when I say I prefer a cheaper item, I'm might be losing money! I know it's hard to believe anyone on the Intenet, but that point might help you see I'm just a guy trying to help others while making a few cents sometimes.

The Kootek is tiny (about 2" x 1" x 3/8"). You can add it to a keychain and it's smaller than a key. The Muku Shuttr is a little taller and a little thinner. I prefer the rounded shape of the Kootek, but that wasn't enough to sway me between them. If you look at the photos (top of the page) the Kootek is about 3 finger widths high and the Shuttr is almost 4 finger widths high (ancient Egyptian measurement system).

I'll add more here when I get some spare time. Lately I am preoccupied with my Kickstarter project: I drew a deck of Renaissance Playing Cards. Take a look if you have a sec. (September 2014)


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