Alligator chain saw

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The Alligator is a tool I have used over and over for more than two years. It keeps on going and going!

The "magic" thing about this tool are the spring loaded guards that cover the chain. Regular chain saws are wildly dangerous because their blades are exposed and can jump back at you…but the Alligator is different! It's so safe I even let my 4 year old nephew try it (with me helping him to hold it, of course).

It looks like a toy, but it's not. It can cut down small trees (see the video where I fell a 40 foot tall, 4 inch diameter tree! And it makes quick work of limbing and that sort of thing. When cutting isn't so much work, it becomes kind of fun! Now I look at my manual bow saw like it was from the 1800s.

The jaws that cover the chain have "teeth" so they pull a brach into the saw as you cut. That

Maintenance? I have tightened the chain once or twice, but that's easy and the required tool is included. It needs a bit of oil squirted on the chain every so often, too.

It also came with a battery, charger and oiling bottle, so it's a complete set.

Click here to order it on Amazon: Alligator Lopper 18-Volt Cordless Chain Saw (free shipping!).

3 Models of Alligators

I'll also mention two other Alligators. One is a corded model, the Alligator LP1000. If you aren't going more than 100 feet from your outlets, that's a handy kind to have.

The other is the LLP120B Alligator. It is a 20 volt model so it will have a bit more power than the NLP1800 which is 18 volts. But you have to purchase the battery and charger separately, so the entire set comes to around $170…double that of the Alligator I have. But it's a lithium battery, which Black & Decker claims will hold up better over the years. I have the original non-lithium batteries and they are still working fine after two years.

Black & Decker also sell a couple of fast chargers you might be interested in. They also sell extra batteries. I like having a spare…that way I always have one in the charger and one in my tool. They also make several kinds of chargers. You do need to be aware and match the charger and battery with the Alligator you get or have. Click here for another page with detailed information and where to get the right ones for your Alligator.

The L2AFCBST charger and LBXR20 battery are for the LLP120B Alligator (because it uses lithium batteries). The NLP1800 Alligator uses NiCad or NiMh batteries, so you'll use the B&D NiMh one pack, NiMh 2-pack or the ExpertPower 3000 mAh battery. The ExpertPower holds twice the charge of the regular batteries (it runs twice as long). I'll put a link to the charger later¬Fran is waiting for me right now!

See the comparrison chart below to help you choose which Alligator Chain Saw you want.

The NLP1800 Cordless Trimmer comes with a battery and charger included
(also shown here are matching spare or replacement batteris)

The LLP120B Cordless trimmer, charger and lithium battery

You buy the lopper, battery and charger separately

The LP1000 corded trimmer
(you plug it into an extension cord and outlet)

Compare the 3 Alligators








Lithium battery

Number of






18 volts

20 volts


6.5 lbs

7.9 lbs

6.8 lbs

# of cuts


Up to 150 1-1/2" diameter cuts per charge













Total cost