No more paper jams or misfeeds!


  • CLEAN — If it is simply dusty it slips. So first try cleaning off the roller with water or rubbing alcohol (let it dry).
  • RENEW — If the surface is "shiny" (slightly worn) it can't grab the paper. Apply roller cleaner to make the surface "tacky" so it can grab the paper.
  • ROTATE — With a slightly worn belt, you can remove the pickup roller, and either turn it inside out or rotate the belt and re-install it.
  • REPLACE — If the belt is cracked or worn down, remove and replace the rubber belt (or the belt and the core that holds it).

sprayway203productshotSpray roller cleaner & rejuvenator

Click here to order Sprayway 203 Rubber Cleaner & Rejuvenator or "Blow Off" Max Professional 2145 Rubber Rejuvenator from Amazon. They are very similar. Click on each to compare which has a better deal on shipping.

Use this when your roller is still basically OK, but the surface is a little worn or shiny. This will keep your roller's rubber flexible and the surface "grabby" so it keeps picking up paper. Your roller will last longer.

Click here to see my YouTube video on how to apply this to your printer's pickup roller. Your roller will immediately have the tack and grab to pickup sheets of paper again. One big 13 ounce can is probably a lifetime supply.

Click here to read the Sprayway Rubber Cleaner MSDS (Manufaturer Safety Data Sheet). or the Blow Off Max Pro 2145 or the Martin Yale MSDS. They tell you the ingredients, safe handling instructions and so forth.

newspraywaycanandyalecanOne other product which seems to be the same as the others, but is a bit higher priced is Martin Yale Rubber Roller Cleaner. I only include it here because prices change! It might be the cheapest today. Off to the right you can see today's price.
Also, the Sprayway can seems to have a new label, so you might see either the purple label as in my video with a big "203" on it or a can with a wide black strip and a rainbow of colors under that (without the big "203". All three cans seem to be exactly the same product inside. See the pictures to the right.

caikleenproductphotosmAnother product is CaiKleen RBR Liquid (RBR means "rubber").

This product gets all positive reviews which is pretty amazing for any product on Amazon. No one mentions any strong smells. Click here for the ingredient list.

Practice with the applicator before trying to get into the hard-to-reach rollers on your printer. The liquid is very thin and may drip. You may find it works better to apply a little to a Q-Tip and use that to apply the rejuvenator. Or use a makeup pad.

The bottle is a little less than an ounce but it goes a long way.

rubberrenuesmLiquid roller cleaner & renewer

Click here to order Rubber Renue roller renewer from Amazon.

As rollers age they dry out, shrink and crack. When you apply Rubber Renue the rubber softens and swells. As it evaporates, the rubber shrinks back to normal size and the surface is refreshed.

It takes very little to coat a roller, so this 4 ounce (125ml) bottle will probably last you forever. Hey! Take it to parties and fix your friends' printers!

This stuff has a strong smell, is flamable and is somewhat toxic so apply it in a well ventilated area, don't smoke and wear gloves. Also, don't throw the applicator (paper towel, Q-tips, whatever) in the trash indoors – set them outside to evaporate. It won't take long and it will keep your office non-toxic!

Click here to read the Rubber Renue MSDS (Manufaturer Safety Data Sheet). It gives you the ingredients, safe handling instructions and so forth.

ML2010pickuprollerproductshotReplacing Samsung pickup rollers

The pickup roller is what grabs the paper and feeds it in. When it wears out you get misfeeds and paper jams. Click here to see my YouTube video on how to change the roller.

Click here to order this complete pickup roller (belt AND core) for $6 (including shipping)! Samsung charges $8.95 for just the belt!

According to Samsung, the same roller belt fits the Samsung ML-1610, ML-2010, ML- 2240, SCX-4521f, CLP300, CLX3160FN, ML1610 and ML1610R, ML2010 and ML2010R, ML2015, ML2240, ML2241, ML2245, SCX4321, SCX4521F and SCX4521FG. The part number is JC73-00302A

pathcleanlasercleanerpaperCleaning inside the paper path

Sometimes toner gets loose inside your printer. You can dis-assemble it or simply run these sheets through. They pick up toner, dust and such as they go through.

I put multiple links (on the right) so you can choose the lowest price. The PathKleen has 10 sheets and the EZ Cleaner has 5 sheets.

Both get mixed reviews. Half of users love them and others say the sheets jammed or didn't solve their problem. When I have used cleaner sheets over the years they were good for picking up loose toner, but often the problem is scratches in the drum (the green roller in the toner cartridge). When the toner drum is worn or scratched it makes dark lines on the paper or other marks. Sometimes just printing a bunch of sheets will resolve things, but otherwise a new (or rebuilt) toner cartridge is in order (see the next section).

samsungtonercartridgeDIY toner refill kits
and rebuilt cartridges

New toner cartridges cost a small fortune, so I been re-filling mine at home or buying rebuilt ones for years. We go through a lot of toner and cartridges in our business and both the refill kits and these cartridges have peformed flawlessly.

I've been using the Laser Tek refill 4-pak (good for 4 refills at about $8 for each refill) since 2010 and it has worked great. Actually usable, understandable, illustrated instructions are included. All you need is a small phillips screwdriver. Just be sure to do the refilling outdoors. Toner is a very fine powder that is hard to vacuum up (that doesn't matter outdoors, of course!). Toner cartridges have a small fuse that the printer burns out when the printer thinks it is empty. The kit includes 4 replacement fuses. The toner is virtually non-toxic so it's an easy procedure (if you get any on your hands it just washes off).

After about four refills, the drum tends to wear out (the drum is the green roller in above photo). The main clue is when prints become more faint. So then I purchase re-manufactured cartridges which have new drums in them.
I have been buying these rebuilt cartridges on-line since 2011: Samsung remanufactured toner Cartridges on Amazon for $15 including Prime shipping!. That's a pretty incredible deal. The ML-2010D3 cartridge works with the ML-2010, ML-2510 and ML-2570 printers. This vendor has lots of cartridges for other printers, too.